Be Yoga & Be Juice Workshop

Purify your mind & body through Yoga & juicing, on 28 June 2015

Life is a flow, it always keeps flowing; there is no stop to it, until it reaches to its Full-stop.

The flow is an essential element to our lives, such as flow of life force (the breath), flow of circulation, flowing consciousness, flow of vibrations, flowing mind waves, etc.

To keep a clear mind & cleansed body for optimum flow of the energies within, is often challenging, but a regular practice of yoga postures / breathing and a balanced diet (in solid and liquids) can just do that.

Detoxification is a self-loving / purification way to help our bodies to heal and functional optimally.  To welcome the new season, we invite you to join us for a one-day yoga and juice cleanse detox where we will create a supporting and nurturing space for you to reset your mind, body and spirit. For one day, you will replenish your body with only cold-pressed juices charged with super-foods, meditation, asana practice, and in-depth and practical knowledge of juicing and the detoxification.

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Why detox?

Detoxification is body’s natural process, it keeps happening through robust circulatory, digestive & lymphatic systems all the time but due to one’s lifestyle it can be sluggish.

With a well designed program of yoga & juicing can effectively help to take the excessive load off these systems, and promotes natural healing process of the body.

The signs of optimum health, when one’s mind is in peace, attentive and productive, body feels stronger & lighter, absence of fatigue, presence of a strong willpower & courage etc… if you feel your case is otherwise its high time for your mind & body to put on a RESET.

Fees: 110€

Barbara from Be Juice will be sharing her passion for juicing as well as the benefits with us.

Know more about Barbara & Be juice : Click here



09:00 Welcome gathering and consumption of first juice

10:00 Yoga at Up

12:00 Juice Cleanse Essentials and consumption of 2nd juice

13:00 Relaxation and group sharing

14:30 Juice Demo and consumption of 3rd juice

15:30 Pranayama (easy breathing exercises to restore the energy)

16:00 Restorative Yoga at Down

17:30 Consumption of 4th juice

18:00 Farewell group meditation (and everyone leaves with their last juice)

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Ensō Yoga Shala

1 Traverse du Barri, Garbejaire

Sophia Antipolis

06560 Valbonne

Fees: 110€


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