Journey to Upside down

(A mindful approach to inversions)

Sunday 20 March 2016

(i) Stimulating, energising inversions (10h – 13h)

(ii) Restorative, calming inversions (15h – 17h30)

While it is true that we rarely have the opportunity to find our heart above the head, reversing the usual gravity yet has many benefits. In yoga practice which is essentially the search for equilibrium in lifestyle, inverted postures are considered as king & queens of the postures. They are simply another way to change our habitude and think outside the box; they allow us to see things from a different angle and enables us to find new perspectives and cultivate confidence.

The inverted positions equilibrate the energy flow in our body whilst stimulating the vital systems and a regular practice of inversions makes healthy pure blood flow through the brains cells.

In the course of two workshops, we will explore these powerful postures and their specific effects, addressing progressively with variations and modifications to make them accessible to all.

(i) Stimulating, energising inversions (morning practice) (ii) Restorative, calming inversions (evening practice)

We invite you join us to experience this upside down journey in which we will gradually uplift ourselves and look within from an alternate perspective, explore potentials whilst avoiding the injuries.

We encourage you to attend two of the workshops as they complement each other.


Venue: Art Yoga Studio

4 Rue Massena, Nice

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