Yoga and Maternity

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Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga classes in Sophia Antipolis & Nice.

Prenatal Yoga

Celebrate the journey of motherhood, learn to be attentive to the new sensations in the body and mindfully accompany its changes. Bond with your baby by sharing a special moment.

Postnatal yoga

Take some time to reconnect with your body, set down and relax to restore your body and energy during the first few months with your baby.

Baby Massage

A precious moment to communicate with your baby through the touch, to feed with your love and help them in their physical and emotional development. Finding happiness in their happiness.


Yoga is a great tool to support and calmly prepare the mother for delivery .

If you have never done yoga , pregnancy is the ideal time to begin a gentle practice adapted to the physical and mental changes occurring during this period. If you already practiced before your pregnancy , prenatal yoga can accompany you until the birth of your baby.

It helps the mother to prepare her body and mind for birth . Throughout pregnancy prenatal yoga class is a precious moment she offers to her and  her baby.

Prenatal yoga allows you to
  • Better adapt to physical and mental changes induced by pregnancy
  • Release tension and effectively relieve minor ailments of pregnancy
  • Learn to breathe better to have more energy
  • Keep a positive, calm and serene mind
  • Prepare the muscles of the diaphragm and pelvic floor to the challenges of childbirth.
  • Connect yourself with your  baby
  • It helps the mother to get tools to better manage the pain of contractions during childbirth.

Yoga Postnatal

This class is designed for new mothers and can be started a few days after giving birth. To make this moment joyful, babies are welcome to join the class along with their mom.
It allows to work on the pelvic and abdominal muscles at early stage and to get a quicker recovery after the childbirth. It also includes a practice of restorative postures and relaxation to aid new mom adjusting to her happy but challenging life with her newborn.

It is also the opportunity to meet and share with other moms and other babies!

  • Take some time for yourself, re-appropriate you body
  • Relax and breathe
  • Relieve tensions in the back and shoulders
  • Strengthen perineum and abdominal muscles
  • Learn breastfeeding positions

Baby Massage

Loving tocuh.

A lovingly nurtured babies not just form a healthy childhood but a strong foundation to the life ahead.


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