Ensō: centre de yoga in Nice and Sophia-Antipolis

Our yoga classes and workshops will provide you with many options to build a strong foundation and deep knowledge of inner wellness.


We are here to serve your inner being.


Our mission is to promote a balanced & healthy lifestyle easily accessible to everyone.

We’re passionate about providing yoga to everyone as a tool to strengthen not only our physical bodies but also to enable us to find our inner reservoir of peace, well-balanced mind and creative intelligence.

Circle Ensō

In the Japanese calligraphy Ensō is a spiritual symbol as it combines the visible as well as the invisible, it is the Void, Simplicity, Plenitude, Perfection, Harmony, and Enlightenment. Among its various meanings this circle represents the universe with no limits, the endless cycle of life.

Ensō Centre de Yoga

Discover our yoga classes !

Alignment Yoga

Our Alignment yoga classes has a strong influence of the teachings of Sri BKS Iyengar. It helps in developing focus, willpower, and awareness of self through rigorous attention to physical alignment, endurance and flexibility, in order to achieve a balance of mind & body. and all the dimensions of the being.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a gentle and relaxing practice. It fully regenerates our whole being and restores the balance of energies by creating space in mind & body and releasing tension through breath and draws attention into the present moment.

Yoga and Maternity

Celebrate the miracle of life, learn to listen to the new sensations and whilst taking care of your body during pregnancy and after the arrival of the baby.

Yoga has something for every one

Our experienced and caring teachers are here to help you restore balance in your mind, body and lifestyle. Weather you are a beginner or practicing yoga for years, we encourage equally to focus on raising the awareness on movement, intentions and actions in yoga practice on/off the mat.

Experience the benefits of yoga

The practice of yoga has endless list of benefits. With a long and consistent practice, one is able to cultivate harmony within, with the environment and all beings around. 


Strength Building

Stress Management

What we actually suffer in to the stress but it’s bad management

Relax & Refresh

Beauty of Body

Mind & Beyond

Yoga helps in re-connecting our consciousness to The Collective Consciousness

At your service



Nadège encourages everyone in her class to approach yoga in a humble way without competitive spirit and ripe the benefits like finding balance, stability, healing and wholeness in the being what yoga brings you with a regular practice.

Aman Singh

Aman Singh

Aman’s offers a demanding and motivating style of yoga, allowing one to cultivate awareness of self through consciously align all layers of the body.


What people are saying

Excellent cours, excellent professeur, Aman maîtrise très bien ce qu’il enseigne et ça se sent. Un cours qui m’aide à progresser dans la compréhension de mon corps et de comment je l’habite. Pas de compétition, beaucoup de joie et un grand coeur toujours présents.

Richard L.

Je suis ravie du cours prenatal ! Nadège est très professionnelle est très à l’écoute. L’ambiance est super sympathique! Et les exercices font un bien fou !!! C’est toujours un plaisir de s’y rendre chaque semaine.

Christelle Elena L.

Sur sophia antipolis si voulez partager plus qu’un cours de yoga venez suivre un cours de yoga avec Nadège et Aman, horaire tenu convivialité mais plus que cela, votre idée du yoga prendra un autre sens. Après 7 ans de yoga dans d’autres cours, avec Nadège et Aman je découvre ce qu’est vraiment le yoga et sa philosophie. Merci. Namaste.

Catherine G.

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« Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists »


Ensō Centre de Yoga