Exploring the five layers of Body

October 17th,  Saturday 15h – 17h30

About workshop: 

Among many other meanings of the word Yoga, one is “to connect”, and one of the fundamental purpose of the yoga practice is to form a conscious connection within oneself, with others and surrounding nature.

According to yoga we all have five layers of body, each one is made of a finer energies. To our eyes the inner bodies may be invisible but we can sense their presence if “pay close attention”. With a skilful application of yoga one can learn to connect with the inner bodies the source of our “Well-Being”.

In this workshop we will explore the concept of 5 Kosha (layers of body), and the sequence & methodology to connect and integrate a wholesome you.


Art Yoga Studio

4 Rue Massena,

06000 Nice

Fees: 40€


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