Yoga workshop : Free the tensions of the neck, shoulders & back

Series i: Empower your Neck & Shoulders
Series ii: Rejuvenate Your Back & Hip Joints

Knowingly or unknowingly coping with avoidable physical, mental & emotional discomforts and leading a stressful lifestyle have more and more became a habitual element of life to most of us.

Thanks to the grace of yoga, with a little efforts and mindfulness one can easily make his/her day to day life much smoother and healthier.

In this series of workshops we will explore yoga asana approaches to rehabilitate and improve neck, shoulders, and lower back discomforts and gain insight to consciously heal the body.

Series i: Empower your Neck & Shoulders

Thursday 19 march, 12h15 – 13h30


Saturday 28 march, 10h – 12h30

Their is a saying that the shoulders take responsibilities, and the neck provides ability to see the life around from various points of view. However in these parts of the body the flow of energies and proper communication between the brain and body is often blocked due to bad posture.

And that causes :

  • Annoying pain in neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists
  • Feeling down, unable to cope with stress
  • Reduces one’s capabilities and productivity

In this workshop, we will work on postural alignment and learn to create space in the shoulders where we usually feel discomforts, and explore asanas to free the neck by focusing on opening the chest.

Series ii: Rejuvenate Your Back & Hip Joints

Thursday 26 March 12h15 – 13h30


Saturday 28 March, 10h – 12h30

Lower back pain is a common ailment, most of us experience it every now and then due to improper posture.

The muscles of lower back help to stabilise and rotate the spinal column, the spine and it’s nerves are the medium by which the body and brain communicates.

In this workshop we will explore the asanas to mindfully relieve the tension of back and hip-joints and to support the back with a better pelvic position, allowing the energies to flow freely upwards.

Note: If you are recovering from any neck, shoulder and spine injury, please contact us before attending the workshops.

*These workshops are not a therapy for one’s particular neck, back and shoulder’s condition but are aimed at giving better awareness to these parts of body through yoga practice.


Kindly reserve your place in advance as the space is very limited.


Each session of workshop on thursdays       :20€

Saturday 29th march, The whole workshop :35€

Ensō Yoga Shala,

1 Traverse du Barri, Garbejaire

Sophia Antipolis

06560 Valbonne


Ensō Yoga Shala