Yoga Weekend in Vienna

November 20 – 22, 2015

Vinyasa Yoga Aligné

Life is a flow, it always keeps flowing; there is no stop to it, until it reaches to its Full- Stop.

The flow is an essential element to our lives, such as flow of life force (the breath), flow of circulation, flowing consciousness, flow of vibrations, flowing mind waves, etc.

Vinyasa Krama Aligné: An alignment based vinyasa is the conscious placement of the mind, body and breath, in other words a moving meditation.

Join us In this mindful practice, we will explore the fusion of precision in asana and invigorating energy of vinyasa krama.
A creative blend of postures to re-align the consciousness to the space within and lightened the mind & body with a joyful flow practice.

Journey to Upside down (A mindful approach to Inversons)

Some of us inherits the tendency of running before learning to walk and approach the yoga with similar mindset ; which in some way is not a bad thing, its rather courageous to do more than do nothing.
Since yoga is all about finding balance, expanding the edges of our limits, and exploring the subtleties of our body within. The inversion like Shoulder-stand & Headstand are the razor sharp knife among yoga poses, as much they can contribute find our well-being (ease the circulation, overcoming fear, building confidence etc..) that much they can damage if done improperly (e.g. neck pain, shoulder pain, irritability etc..)

I humbly invite you to join me to experience the journey upside down, we will gradually uplift ourselves and look within from an alternate perspective, explore potentials whilst avoiding the injuries.

By deepening our understanding, our yoga practice will start to enhance our overall well-being.

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Saturday Nov. 21th 16:00-18:30
Vinyasa Krama Aligné (The flow of life)

Sunday Nov. 22nd 10:00-12:30
Journey to Upside down (A mindful approach to Inversions)


Open classes:
Friday Nov. 20th 19:00-20:30
Think light & feel light 

Saturday Nov. 21th 10:30-12:00
Be Yoga (Be Whole, Be now’here, Be Yourself)

More information about the open classes:

Think Light & Feel Light: (It’s time to let go)
A selection of asanas allowing the efforts become effortless, and pranayama to draw the awareness outside inward, detoxifying twists and focused forward bends to prepare oneself to purify throughout a restful night, gradually letting the heaviness go off the mind & body. Closing with seated meditation to revitalize your inner being.

Be Yoga: (Be Whole, Be Now’here, Be Yourself)
In this session we will explore the series of asanas raising the awareness from inside, increasing the vitality and leaving sense of keep calm in mind and feel energetic in body. We will discuss fundamentals of self-practice, a skilful sequencing according to one’s need & mood, time of the day, and various techniques to create the momentum leaving the sense of wholeness & being in present moment.

No matter what method of yoga you practice, you are welcome to join us to cultivate/refine the foundation of your very personal practice.



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