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Timetable Ensō Nice

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For a smooth running of the school, kindly observe the following guidelines:
  • All fees are paid in advance by cheque or cash.
  • Kindly respect the date of validity & conditions of your card you choose to buy, we can’t extend validity for any reason (except during centre is closed). 
  • Our Alignment and restorative classes can be taught by either Nadege or Aman, with no predefined schedule.  

By respecting these few points you will be helping us to concentrate on what we love to do the most.

Pricing Ensō Nice

More offers
  • Try a class                  : 10€*
  • Walk-in                       : 20€
  • **Yoga for kids/teens : 130€ trimester / 350€ annual
  • Workshop Baby massage: 150€ 
    cycle of 4 or 5 sessions (depends on the number of participants)

*Offers valid for residents of our neighbourhood, can be bought only once per person.

**Kids Yoga 6 – 10 yrs , yoga for teens 10 – 16 yrs, 


Carte Cadeau Ensō

Offer the gift of Yoga

What could be better gift than the gift of health & wellness?

Any questions?

if you have any questions, kindly don’t hesitate to contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions


How many persons can use one yoga class card?

We allow only one person per card.

Payment and refund policy?

All classes are subject to be paid in advance and are non-refundable.

How many times per week can i practice?

Ideally yoga is a daily practice. But we recommend students to have minimum of 2 times per week to build a sustained asana (postures) practice. We also encourage and provide all necessary guidelines to students to practice on their own as often as possible.

Can I eat before yoga class?

No, It’s best to practice on an empty stomach, eat at least 2 hours prior to practice.

What clothing shall i wear and what to bring to yoga class?

We recommend non-restricting and confortable clothes. There are yoga mats available at the centre but we recommend each student to bring their own mat.

I don’t feel very well, can i join yoga class?

If you are having cold, flu or any fever it is better to take rest. Listen to your body…

I have back problem, knee injury, or any other health concern, can i join yoga class?

If you have any health issue, please consult your doctor first to know if yoga is suitable for you, and then inform your teacher before the class.

Can i practice yoga during pregnancy?

Yes, but yoga practice needs to be adapted during pregnancy, therefore taking a regular yoga class may not be suitable. For safety and to optimise the benefits prenatal classes are the best option.

We look forward to seeing you soon